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Amitabh Bachchan reveals the secret behind his ever growing Twitter family and why he’s not yet clicked a selfie !

Amitabh Bachchan recently hit the 15 million mark on Twitter, a place where he refers to his followers as his ‘extended family’. Despite being a workaholic, he never falters from staying intouch with his fans on the microblogging site. Here he talks to me about aspiring to hit 20 million, his love for Dubsmash and how he deals with Internet trolls!

Do you remember the exact time and place when you sent your FIRST tweet ?

No I do not remember. But it was Mumbai and it was from my laptop, which I still use as my communicator for Twitter, at my residence !

15 million followers, what does the number mean to you ?

It means I still have another 5 million to go before 20 million .. And then another 10 for 30 million and on …

Us regular mortals get excited when you RT or reply to our tweets, what gets you excited on Twitter ?

I connect each day with my Ef, my extended family, my followers. I love reading other tweets as well. Some are most informative and of great interest. I find historical, geographical, medicinal, information on my site. I get the instant news of happenings around the world, sports news, local and international and a comment from several enlightened minds. It really is a wonderful platform. For me, I like to respond to the questions that my followers put to me. I am unable to see all of them or respond to all of them, but I try.

What’s the coolest slang you have learnt on Twitter ?

I have not encountered any. If you have suggestions do let me know I shall look out for them, or perhaps use them too …

How did you come about the system of tagging and numbering your tweets, any particular reason ?

Nothing very deliberate. I number my BLOG so I felt I should number my Twitter and FB DAYS. The number is the number of the DAY, not the number of tweets that I have written. A lot of advisors felt I should have a separate title to each DAY. But I felt the DAY numbering was better and I stuck to it from DAY 1 !!

Why haven’t you yet succumbed to the ‘selfie bug’, when do we see you make a debut on your page ?

What is the ‘selfie bug’ ? And why would you want to see me take my own selfie ? There are hundreds of others that are doing that each day for you – it would be most vain on my part to put up my own selfie. Though I do put up my own pictures, taken by others and sent to me, that depict the doings of the day. I have on occasion put up pictures that I may have clicked, but nothing beyond that !!!

Are you aware of the Dubsmash craze that has hit the internet, will we see a video from you some day ?

Yes I am .. And I find it entertaining and fun. I have not tried it yet. I would find it difficult to decide who’s voice I would lipsync to, for the video.

Among the people you follow, is there anyone in particular whose tweets your enjoy reading the most ?

For me it is a joy to be reading all that comes my way – good, bad, indifferent, abusive , all. Yet there are some very smart repartees on the site and they are a joy to come across.

Is there anything Abhishek has taught you NOT to do on Twitter ? Any words of wisdom from him ?

No …

How do you deal with the trolls on Twitter ?

I do not deal with them ! It is a free and open medium and people have the liberty to express themselves. I use no moderation. Yes at times when the words used are too abusive, I warn or plead to them to not do so, and if it persists then I block them !! Threats and violent tweets to my life or to any member of my family, are reported to the Cyber Cell Crime Police Department !!

Congratulations on the super success of Piku, after all these years do box office numbers still matter ?

Thank you for your wishes. ‘PIKU’ has been a wonderful experience and a revelation. The audiences have been very supportive and my sincere thanks go out to them. Yes BOX OFFICE is important. They are one form of an evaluation of the film. Critical acclaim is the other. I am delighted that PIKU was able to garner both !!!

Your role rang a bell with many kids and their mothers, what’s the most heartening reaction you received on social media from a fan ?

A young boy of age 10 from Equador, living in New York sent me a video message. He has never seen any Hindi film, does not know the language, but after seeing PIKU said “ After seeing the film I have learnt one thing. When I grow up I shall look after my parents “ !! Marvelous … coming from someone so young and having no connection to India, Hindi and Hindi films.

How did Abhishek and Aishwarya react to Piku, what was their first reaction on watching the film ?

They both loved the film. A very warm embrace followed !!

Lastly, what message would you like to give your 15 million followers on Twitter ?

Thank you all my FXTEF .. Familia Extendum Twitter Extended Family .. For your love and connect each day ! Lets go for the 20 million now !!

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